Alhambra Users Association

During the Alhambra renovations, the City of Geneva organized several information sessions intended for regular users.

Eleven users interested in deepening their involvement in the life of the building formed a not-for-profit association named AdudA [Association des utilisateurs de l'Alhambra] in order to apply for the post, opened by the City of Geneva, of coordinator of the building's artistic activities, and to present a candidate chosen by their general assembly.

The AdudA has organized the post of “general coordination” in two parts so as to optimize the building management and to fulfill its mission as fully as possible.

Karin Strescher / Coordination - communication
François Tschumy / Administration - accounting

The AdudA is a member of Petzi

PDF statutes

Alhambra Users Association (AdudA) Committee

Sandro Rossetti / president Philippe Clerc / treasurer Roland Le Blévennec / secretary Sylvie Pasche, Priscille Alber/ Membre


To become a member of the Alhambra Users Association (AdudA), an association must make known its intention a month in advance of the AdudA general assembly, organized annually and announced on this site. It should pay a membership fee of CHF 100.- at the assembly.

Becoming an AdUDA member does not garantuee anything in relation to the booking of the venue. Contact :








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